Photography by Michael Gilbert for Grand Wailea

The World’s First Rotating Barrel Ride

Ride the Fishpipe! A new and unique type of water ride where you slide further than the longest water-slide in the world! 90 seconds in the Fishpipe is like going down a mile long water slide.

How It Works

The interior ball is suspended by air and 15 gallons of filtered water is added for each new rider. Riders climb in through the entrance and are zippered inside. The Fishpipe spins while riders slide in the bottom of the barrel.

Safe Family Fun

The Fishpipe is safe for up to 3 riders to slip and slide together with a top speed of 11 feet per second. Riders tell the Fishpipe Operator how fast they want to go. The speed can be increased or decreased at any time.

  • "Hawaii’s coolest aquatic entertainment attraction!"

  • "The Fishpipe water ride is awesome!"

  • "I can't wait to ride the Fishpipe again!"