How long is each ride in the Fishpipe?

A standard ride is two minutes long and rotates at up to 45 revolutions per minute. Both the time and spinning speed can be varied.

What happens if I get scared or tired?

The operator can slow down the ride to almost a crawl if you find yourself not coping with the speed or are too exhausted. Don’t worry, the operator will ask you how brave you are feeling and will monitor your progress. We want you to have fun and keep Rollin'.

Do I have to wear a swim suit to ride?

Well, you must have something on but shorts and tee shirts are okay – just make sure you have a change of clothing or a big towel. NO ZIPPERS or SHARP OBJECTS. Wear socks if you have Big ol' Toe Nails!

How often do you change the water?

After every ride the water is removed by suction and fresh water is put in.

Will I get spun around inside the Fishpipe?

No. The water makes the inside so slick that you slide in the bottom of the Fishpipe barrel – you stay in the bottom and the Barrel rotates around you – that's why we say its like being in the longest water slide in the world.

What happens to the used water?

About 90% of the water from each ride is recycled but obviously some gets lost along the way – a lot of it in your wet clothes. The water is filtered between the rides then tested and treated so it is clean and sanitary for every rider.

What is the Fishpipe made out of?

The frame of the Fishpipe is constructed with heavy duty metal pipe, welded and bolted together.

The frame is 5.2 metres (17 feet) long by 2.3 metres (7.5 feet) wide and the entire unit weighs about a tonne. The frame, motor and gearbox, electronics, etc are assembled locally and then we put it all together and test run everything from our factory.

The barrels are made up of over 150 square meters of tough transparent plastic material, over 1200 anchor points, 600 brightly coloured nylon cords, 50 metres of polyester webbing, and hours and hours of welding, gluing, and head-scratching.